Your Valentine's Day Lookbook

The most romantic day of the year, yet another day filled with lots and lots of memories, Too much of excitement also there could be some anxiety, what to do to make the best out of the day, how to surprise your partner, would she love a fancy restaurant dinner date or a sweet candle light at home dinner date? Yaada… yaada.. yaada… huf!!! Deep breath right there! Now comes the most challenging part, What to wear? Well…. we are here to tell you exactly that, let's at least make this one step easy for you. Here are different looks you could rock to steal your girl's heart! 

First, think of what her style is like, is she a girly girl, tom boy, a simple girl next door or a boss lady! Let us also tell you why you should consider her style for you to dress up, well…. that's because as unique as you both are as individuals, this day is an opportunity to relive every tiny moment and make new memories and creating a balance in every aspect possible that screams YOU as a couple is only gonna make the day even more special. 

So, now that you have thought of her style, time to think of the location you would be at, is it a beach that you would be at or is it a fancy restaurant or dance club or the cinema or are you gonna cook her fav meals, put up some nice lights and romantic music with a pretty dining table setup at home? The fun part is, on a Valentine's day date, you could wear a suit anywhere but when it comes to any other outfit you could either consider the above situations and plan an outfit yourself or pick from one of the three options we are going to suggest you. 

Look 1

The lady who loves her red, she is so hard to please yet so fragile. A nice bright red shirt and well fitted black pants with a bunch of red roses can never fail to thrill her heart. Keeping a look like this as minimal as possible with colors would be the best option. If you decide on wearing a blazer for this look then just stick to black and red and maybe if you are going to accessories you could keep it minimal to just a watch and maybe a silver toned neck piece.

Look 2 

If you wanna go for a casual yet stylish look then a t shirt with jeans and an overlaid shirt look with sneakers can be the best you could go for, this way you could if necessary just take the jacket off and rock a simple yet classic tee look.This is best to go for a movie date or a casual dinner or to even if you are such home birds, this could totally work. This is best for a day.




Look 3

An all black look, the classic, safe, easy to style all black look! Black shirt, black pant and black loafers! This might sound like a formals for men kinda look but buttoned lose at neck and folded sleeve is sure to relax the look and it will look super good! So… apt for a party or a beach side dinner. Can you already imagine a beautiful location by the sea, fairy lights, floral decor, curtains flowing like a beautiful cascade, your all black outfit is going to be as epic and romantic as that date idea. Try this out and thank us later! 


Otto wishes you all a very very Happy Valentines Day!