Your OTTO Now Even More Comfortable

With the rise in style every single day, comfort is also having to play a major role here. People have found their own ways of merging them in and this has led to multiple athleisure styles to go high in demand and most preferred in the recent days.

Track pants for that matter are so comfortable and stylish that they are no longer just looked at as sports wear but also stylish casual wear which can be paired with anything and everything.

These are originally made for exercise and sports, tracks are so lightweight and comfortable and look so stylish when u pair them with any shirt that looks and feels close to casuals. 

What to pair tracks with?

Casual is the most common way to style tracks, mostly paired with t-shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers and hoodies. Except for formal wear, joggers can be styled for almost any other occasion, of course not for festivities or celebrations. The second most common way of styling joggers is smart casual, this is what the primary focus is going to be on in this article. 

Polo T-Shirts 

Polo necks, bring in a casual and professional element, you could also call it a smart element. This is a lazy look that only you knew took seconds to put on, it looks like you did put in some effort getting ready. Pair it with a subtle pair of tracks especially keeping it simple with no prints, solid light weight pants are the best to pair your polos with. Also, make sure you pick tracks/ joggers with slightly thicker fabric, that way it will look a little less casual. A true smart style dont u think?

Casual Shirts


Casual shirts could sound a little tricky but the way you style it and what you pair it with is the biggest game changer. Just like with polo t-shirts even for casual shirts you will have to pair them with track pants that are solid coloured and have thicker fabric.

You don't necessarily have to stick to plain shirts, you could always opt for printed shirts. Fold up your sleeves to make the whole look a lot more stylish and pair it with sneakers. We would recommend staying away from flip flops or sliders as it might risk your smart casual look feeling more casual than smart. 


With T-shirts, you might think that it could make your look super casual but here is where you can totally play around. Layering is one way of leveling up but if that is not what you are comfortable with then you can stick to just t-shirt and your track.

Here, the simple rule is that you have to balance out the prints here. If your t-shirt is printed, subtle graphic lines you could pair it with tracks that have some subtle patterns or words on it. If it is something as loud as a graphic tee and make sure you pick tracks that are plain. If for plain t-shirts then you won't even have to think twice just match the colour palette and you can experiment well.


This in particular is a lot different from any of the above looks, let's call it…. Athleisure! This combination in particular looks so effortless and looks good on anyone, it has been common as many influencers and stars have been sporting this look. For an overall polished and stylish look, you could throw on sneakers or super extra shoes!