Work From Home Outfit ideas

Is working from home tiring you up? Feeling low? Lazy? Not feeling productive? Ohhh... trust us when we say this, we totally get you because we are all on the same page and here is how we can help you feel a little bit more motivated and productive. Read on for a pro tip on how to set up your workspace to the end of the blog.


You might ask me whats wrong with wearing PJs and working, well... let me tell you this. What you wear impacts your mood big time! Every small action counts, there is a lot of difference in your productivity and efficiency from when you dress smart and work from your desk to when you sit in your bed in loungewear and work. There sure is nothing wrong with that but the whole point is to help you understand the difference and feel the best.


Professor Adam Galinsky performed a study on two types of students perform , he made one group of students wear white labcoats and the other dressed in regular clothes. Researchers confirmed that students who wore white labcoats performed better when compared to the set of students who were allowed to wear regular clothes.

The same applies for work from home, if you dress differently for work and play, that is going to tell you the difference between relaxing and being productive. This blog is to help you free up some mental space and get your work done with a lot more efficiency.

Now... let’s talk fashion! Here are three WFH looks you can rock!

1. Once a BOSS always a BOSS

If you are someone who has to have everything organized, schedules your work hours, be punctual and very specific. This look is for you. Don’t hesitate to wear what you would exactly wear for Work. Do you usually Suit up? Then do exactly that! You might feel a little extra but that’s ok.. you dress for yourself, it’s for your self-confidence, for your soul, its all about how you feel.

Wear your crisp shirt, trousers, shoes, a statement belt and a watch, a blazer can help add an extra element if you live in colder places, if you live in hot and humid climate, you can wear a comfortable cotton shirt. Try this and see how much more work you will get done.

2. The rockstar- Shirts with joggers

This is for those of you who wear a formal shirt just so you can look formal for your google and zoom meetings and then change back to casuals, I know, I know, we have all been there but lets give it a little twist and actually make it our outfit of the day. Yass! #OOTD

Wear your comfy jogger and sneakers but I suggest you pair it with either a formal or a smart-casual shirt. For more comfort, roll your sleeves up, tuck it half way, take that favourite watch of yours out of the wardrobe and wear it! That is it... look at you, you look like a rock star!

3. The “I’ll pass” gang

Ok, Ok.... you dont want to get out of your casuals, that’s totally understandable but let’s just spice things up for you. There is still gonna be some work here, it is not like, pull your t-shirt and joggers out and you are done, NOPE! Common.. let’s get you ready in just two steps.

  • STEP 1: Colour co-ordinate your fit, pair a tee or a sweatshirt that’s in the same colour as your bottoms. Or go for your favourite combination, maybe a bright red shirt with white trousers, or it could be a subtle blue with rust brown. Accessorise! You do you!

  • STEP 2: Iron it! Take the time to iron your outfit, this is going to induce a sense of responsibility and productivity in you. You are already putting your energy into your day, this in a way gets you ready for work.


Your WFH setup is totally dependent on the industry you work in, also depends on your personality. If you work better when things are lying around a little messy, do that! If you work well in a clean and organised environment, take that time to clean things up before you get started.

Set up a table, empty out everything that on the table, places minimal items like you computer keyboard, mouse, phone, books, a penstand, water to keep your hydrated and a to-do list ready. Add a plant or some element that makes you feel calm. Put away anything that you might not need, make sure to not have any distractions around, be midful of where you are seated, face away from anything that might divert you. Now play some work Jazz and get that work done!


If you happen to take a picture of your WFH outfit, make sure to tag us @ottostore_com.