Style Guide For Men: Look Effortlessly Sharp In Casuals

Casuals, it's everybody’s go to! Doesn’t the word casuals by itself sound like comfort? Totally... right? Well there is a common misconception that for comfort you will have to compromise for style but that is so…… not true.You think you can’t wear a tee for a wedding event? Mehh… was this your reaction? Gotcha! Also possible! Read on to know how this crazy concept of comfort and classy style blending in like sugar and spice is even possible.


It’s all about finding the right balance. Do not go for something too casual or just add one piece of casual element and overpower it, although there is nothing wrong doing so. You gotta learn how to attain comfort by balancing comfort, individuality and style. One tip to bare in mind that might help you go a long way is to put together outfits that are functional yet fashionable. You can't go around wearing joggers right, that’s what the point here is. Just a few basic rules and you are your own fashion guru.

Rule 1

Be mindful of where you are going and when. Make sure you dress right. A t-shirt is one thing you can play safe with. Try staying away from ripped jeans though they might look like a style statement, it really is not in this case because that is only gonna make your whole classy casual style be thrown to casual style. 

Rule 2

Do not pick more than two pieces of casuals. Here is a safe look for you, go for a casual shirt, pair it with chinos and then throw on a cool pair of sneakers. This is soo classy and comfortable you will look effortlessly stylish. 

Rule 3 

Play with prints, this could look like it is a little challenging but if you actually think about it its not, you can experiment with multiple styles. One classic example for this is a short sleeved shirt paired up with striped pants and sneakers or loafers. You can even opt for formal shoes if you think there is a whole lot of casual elements and less style but to be honest no one can ever call this look less stylish. In fact you can over dress and rock this look by throwing adding in a metal necklace and a statement watch paired with a bracelet. 


Graphic tees, who doesn’t love them right? Well… we don’t tend to encourage them for the kind of vibe we have been discussing in this article. We know what you are here for and we are going to give you exactly that! So, say no to graphic tees, like…. A strict no! Let me tell you why, people often associate graphic tees to guys who refuse to grow up, hash, but true. Take movies as an example, your favourite heroes who are portrayed to be these classy, amazing gentlemen would never…. ever…. sport a graphic t-shirt. So, let’s not go there. 


Oooo…. you are so…. Gonna loveee this lookkkk!!! 

Opt for a light colored shirt, a casual pair of chinos preferably beige ones and throw on your white sneakers. You think that’s all, then why this hype? Hold on!! Now comes the statement piece for this look, style a scarf around your neck. Accessorize to a minimum with sticking to just a watch and sunnies. 

A last piece of advice before we end this article, when in doubt, remember that it is always better to be overdressed than be under dressed. Never shy away from being who you really are. YOU DO YOU!

Do create a look with these tips and do not forget to tag us on social media, we would love seeing you recreate these looks and keep rocking. Come back for more fashion blogs. 

When in doubt, you should always subscribe to the golden rule that it’s always better to be overdressed than to be under dressed whatever the occasion may be.