Everything You Need To Know About Vests

An inner vest is men's undergarment that is worn under a shirt. These are available with sleeves and without sleeves. The term vest is coined from the French word 'Veste' meaning sports jacket.


People tend to get confused with this term, when they usually search for Vest, the results either show an innerwear which is an inner vest that's worn under the shirt and the other one is worn outside of the shirt and is called a waistcoat. 

Inner vest is mostly worn to reduce the transparency of the upper outfit. The other really good thing about wearing a vest inside is that it gives a smooth and neat appearance.

The extra layer is sure to offer an additional layer of warmth to your body.
This is more inclined towards comfort. You must keep in mind the fabric, fit and color of these vests. Colored vests are the best choice when it comes to pairing them with colored shirts, you could go for he same colored vests as that of the shirt, even if it is multicolored you could pick the most dominant color and use a vest of that color.  
It is important to find the right fit for you because something a little too loose might bundle up the fabric and it will look lumpy and bulky from the outside, on the other hand wearing something too tight might make you feel uncomfortable especially if it is an all day wear. The same goes to any type of a gym vest.


Do not pair different colored vests with a different  colored shirt, go for the same one so it looks so seamless and smart. There are few vests that are particularly worn while gymming and doing other athletic activities. You could get your hands on the best gym vests for men right here

 They are quite popular among youth and middle aged men. Especially in a hot climate, this is such a breezy garment to wear and sweat in.