Christmas Men‘s Outfit ideas: The Merry Men

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Is this year gonna be the same routine as every year? Or will you be doing something new? It's the holidays after all. Waking up to a hot cup of chocolate milk, probably peppermint flavour, the whole house smelling like a yummy apple pie, wow this feeling that will be carried on until we take yet another round around the sun. Well… while the house is all decked up and the kitchen is ready for you, why not put a little bit more effort in your outfit of the day, actually let us tell you a secret. It just looks like you have put so much effort into your looks but honestly these are effortless styles that are gonna make your day extra special.   



How could we not get started with plaids when that is a signature style for the holidays, something that anybody of any age and gender can wear, no one ever needs to shy away or think twice to rock a wonderful plaid shirt look. You can even match this with your entire family and friends. Plaids go all the way from when you wake up in your pyjamas to getting ready to receive the guests to just lazing around or going out for a Christmas party and dinner.



You can just win the season with plaids.

If you feel like plaid shirts are too loud or just not your style then stick to plain shirts, t-shirts or even better turtle necks and pair them with plaid trousers. Plain shirts and plaid trousers with loafers or sneakers is such a look. Throw in a scarf and voila you are super ready. Check out our t-shirts for men for cozy and comfy pull overs.



The best colours to throw on to bring in the whole festivity are greens (not just any green but pine green it has to be), reds (the same way this cant be just any red but candy cane red), black and white. You could go for a blue but this screams more than any other colour, let's call it the rule for Christmas.  





Layered look

Another look you can go for is layering a bright red plaid shirt under a stylish vest or blazer. You can decide your bottom wear depending on the place you are headed to. If it works then chinos. If its a dinner party or just a chill time with friends or family then it can be a good pair of denim. This will keep you warm, you could also throw a scarf around your neck if you are from colder places. Same way, choose loafers or sneakers or shoes depending on the place you are headed to.

Do share with us your Christmas looks and tag us!

Otto Clothing wishes you a happy and wonderful Christmas!