Capsule Wardrobe Staples You Must Own

Ever heard of capsule wardrobes? It is nothing but a simple closet where you own just a few pieces of clothing which are easy to pair up with any other piece in your wardrobe because of which people who are an enthusiast of capsule wardrobe might stick to neutral shades which are not necessary and you can bring about any color into any type of capsule wardrobe.

This is not just for people like Mark Zuckerberg or minimalists, it is a practical and totally possible concept for anybody interested. This term was coined by Susie Fox in one of her studies of the apparel industry.

Many have been practicing this sort of a lifestyle and especially among men it is so common that they just own few pairs of t shirts for men and jeans for men

Now that we know what a capsule wardrobe is and how easy and practical it is for daily life, the rest of this blog explains how to create it. 

The best way to get started is going through your existing closet, decluttering, finding your style if you already don't know it. Decluttering could be a tedious task especially with pieces that you are sentimentally attached to and the ones that you cant let go of. Once you know what works for you with comfort, style and ease it's only gonna get easier from here. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I like colors for daily wear or is it neutrals?
  2. If it is colors, is it bright, subtle or dark colors that I opt for?
  3. Do I have a preference for changing from day to evening look?
  4. Most importantly… Will a capsule wardrobe work for me?

Once you have these answered you yourself will have an idea if this is doable for you. The biggest perks being less time to invest when it comes to what you would wear everyday. Less clutter and less expenses. To best make it even easier you could focus on what you got into categories such as perfumes, t-shirts, shirts, trousers for men, formal shirts and party wear or occasional wear and go through one by one. 

Once you have decluttered and have your favorite clothes, work around with those and see how they fit in with each other. Most of these should be easily paired with each other. For example, a white pant is easy to pair with any shirt or t-shirt. So that is a staple for you. Any shirt or pant that is neutral can be easily paired and the same goes to jeans no matter what the color is, at the same time it is best to avoid any with rips or bleached ones. When it comes to colors you can choose the ones that are super bright but only have a maximum of 5 such pieces and not more. 

This is how simple it is to create and maintain a capsule wardrobe.