5 Ways to style a checked shirt

One of the must have styles in every man’s wardrobe, a checked shirt or what’s also called a flannel shirt. A versatile piece that's super easy to style for anyone. Irrespective of the color, a checked shirt will look good on any skin tone but what could be considered is the way you style it for your body type and of course keeping the occasion in mind.

A pro tip, always pair them with plain pieces of clothing. Be it a plain pant or plain tee you pair it with. If loud is your style then you could go for a subtle graphic t-shirt. Here are five ways to style a flannel shirt that will never go out of style.


Pair it with plain t shirt 

The super casual and comfy look, so effortless yet something that looks like you have put a lot of effort into. Wear a basic plain t-shirt and a flannel shirt over it and this is best paired with denims or sometimes joggers with thicker fabric. This is one look you can accessorize and play around well with. It could be metal or beaded chains and wrist-lets and watches or a simple go for a no accessory look. Sneakers, especially white ones are the best to pair this with. Be it a simple or loud look this will never go out of style.

Buttoned up

The safe and best look is buttoned up, you could give the vibes of a gentleman and a stylish teen and at the same time with this kind of look. Tuck it in, wear a statement belt and loafers, preferably the same color. Keep accessorizing to a minimum with just a watch. This could be a day look and to shift it to night all you need to do is accessorize heavy and pair it white pant and white sneakers with loosening up the neck buttons. 


Checked tied at waist

Street style, super cool and stylish look! Wear a plain t-shirt, preferably short sleeve and paired with chinos, khakis or denims. Denims best look with sneakers, chinos and khakis paired with loafers. Pick your tee shirt color in such a way that it compliments the flannel colors or or pick one from the colors of your shirt. If you wanna play it safe and go for something that's easy then a basic white half sleeve t shirt would be the best choice, however you could really experiment well for this look with the tee as your checked shirt is gonna be tied around your waist. To give an overall casual and street style vibe, fold your pant at the ankle.


Checked over a t-shirt or sweatshirt 

Fourth look is a winter special look.It's the flannel that matches the weather.

Wear a checked shirt, buttoned up. Now, just wear a sweater on top. Make sure the sweater is a nice color that enhances the colors of the flannel shirt and is pretty basic. Animal patterns, Christmas colors and funky prints will make this look very stunning. 

Pick a neutral colored solid sweater. 

Pick a round or a V-neck and pull the collar of the flannel shirt above the sweater’s neck.

Complete the look with a pair of denim or chinos. 

The Cold has never looked better!


Checked and Jacket look

The fifth and the last look is the super stylish checked and jacket look. With a well fitted jacket, wear your usual button up shirt and wear under the jacket. You can experiment really well with shoes here , choose something that is loud or just stick to what describes you.