5 Wardrobe Staples Every Man Should Own

2021 has so far been so good, we are here to make the rest of this year super special for you. Are you one of those people who have already dropped their new year’s resolutions or are you killing it? Irrespective of where you have been so far this year, here is one way you can feel more productive and accomplished. That’s as simple as dressing up and feeling put together with minimum efforts.

Here are 5 staples for your wardrobe that will keep you ready for any occasion.


1. The classic white shirt

A white cotton shirt is the most simple yet elegant piece of clothing which is the most versatile piece you can own. Do you need to go out for dinner with friends right after work? you can totally dress it up or dress it down. you can look ulttimately stylish pairing it with ripped jeans and rock a street style or look classy in formal wear. Its a fool proof hack, white shirts for men.

here are some styling tips for you:

---- ripped jeans and white sneakers

---- brown jeans and black shoes

---- black trousers and black sandals

---- grey trousers and brown loafers


2. Perfect plaid shirt

Checked shirts make you look so ready and on the go irrespective of your age, if your personal style is very hipster and free spirited am sure you love a good plaid shirt. If you are someone who is more into basic style you can still style it with a cotton trouser and loafers and boom!! you are the BOSS.

here are some styling tips for you

- hippy style to formal shirts for men.

- as a shirt and a jacket over t shirts for cold and hot weather

- with a loud style like checkers its better to keep your pants to plains

- ways to style

---- plaid shirt with white t shirt, white denim and white sneaker

---- brown cardigan over plaid shirt and white tee under paired with sneakers and denim

---- plaid shirt with rolled bottom trousers and ankle boots

---- zip hoodie over plaid and trousers with red loafers


3. Basic beige denim

on a regular basis you tend to grab a pair of blue or black denims, instead try wearing a well fitted beige denim and see the instant change in style, it quite immediately makes you look like you have put a lot of time and effort into your outfits but in reality is going to take you just a minute.

-styling tips

---- navy blazer over white shirt paired with beige denim, styled with brown belt and brown loafers makes you look like you have just walked on a red carpet.

---- for a formal look all you need to do is pair it with a plain shirt tucked in and match a black belt to black loafers.

---- you can even pair with olive green cotton or linen shirt with a beige hat and sliders tand you are vacation ready


4. stylish crew neck t-shirt

Crew necks are a must have, to look basic or extra you definitely need crew neck t-shirts. Crew necks are closely fit around your neck which makes them accentuate your shoulders and make you look extremely attractive, you are probably owning a couple of them already and here are some ways you can style them.

---- over a blazer with grey formal trousers and black loafers

---- over a grey jacket with blue denim and white sneakers

---- with shorts and sliders


5. Classic black cotton trousers


Do you usually need to be on the go? Is your work demanding you to go to many places? or you need to sit long hours on a desk? no matter what your needs are the one thing you need for sure is a pair of black cotton trousers, such a comfortable and fun piece to wear, black bottoms are very safe experiment with you can pair with any colour may it be as bright as lemon yellow or as subtle as a pleasant grey or even white. you can wear it with anything and everything and for any occasion and here are someways you can style it:

---- you can go for an all black outfit with black t shirt (buy t shirts online here) or shirt under black coat and black shoes, this sure is going to make you look like a million bucks,

---- yellow formal shirt and black trousers with black loafers

---- black pants paired with a white crew neck under a plaid shirt and white sneakers


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