5 Perfumes For Your Father This Father's Day

Let me guess, just as every year you are confused what to gift your dad? Well... well... well... you know what he wants? Something that makes him feel better, at home, confident and comfortable. He is the best right? So let’s get him the best! Here are 5 perfumes every dad will absolutely loves.



It’s bold, strong and grabs everyone’s attention. If your dad is someone who is always on the move, very sporty, edgy, strict and cool at the same time, you gotta get him this. Amigo is the perfect elements of Rosemary, Artemisia, Lavender, Corrainder and Cinnamon. Just like good food, good scent also keeps his energy levels up the entire day. This is also the perfect day to night perfume. It’s for sure, he wants to take it everywhere.


For those Fathers who are as sweet as sugar yet as strong as a King, this perfume which is the brings in the elements of Bergamont and Lemon amply is a perfect blend of Thyme, Seaweed and Patchouli. It has a very Ambery and Woody scent to it.


If your Father is someone who lights up the room the miniute he walks in? Does he have lots of friends, a total extrovert and a star? Here is the perfect fit for your Superstar Dad. This perfume smells like sunset and busy beach. He will love it, not a doubt just give him this and he is sure to get obsessed with it.


How many times would you have told your Dad that he is your Hero? This time, say it in a different way, gift him this perfume, so right for your handwork, inspiring and dedicated father. The smell of joy and pride, with its notes of Pineapple, Quince and Black Current.


For all those super chill and young at heart fathers, this masculine yet soft scent with the elements of citrus and mandarin is an absolute must. With subtle hits of nutmeg, cinnamon, patchouli and sandalwood, it is sure to keep him in happy mood all the time. Any room he would walk into is going to smell like a beautiful and fresh garden full of orange and lemon tress.

Wishing all the wonderful Dads out there, a very very very Happy Father's Day! Share your smiles with us @Ottostore_com