3 Ways To Look Stylish In Simple Outfits

There is something so simple yet smart and stylish about an effortlessly simple outfit. Getting dressed up in formals or wearing something exquisite or super stylish to the ultra fashion level could be one thing but end of the day even a supermodel, once they step out of their business and step into their homes or when they want to feel comfortable and themselves, any body would instantly reach out for a comfortable t-shirt and joggers or denim.

Make sure you have all the basic simple pieces you need in your wardrobe and those include tee shirts, over-sized tees could be a total game changer. Well fit pair of denim, you could experiment with various styles like bell bottom, tight fit etc. Shirts can also play a major role in this, one thing to keep in mind here is that you must stay away from plain shirts when you are trying to go for a look like this. It is quite common for people to assume that they must pair a shirt with only denims or chinos but why not joggers? They sure are to bring in that extra spice element into this whole look. You will learn about how to ace this look in the recommendations following this. Read on to know more about this look and all the different ways you could rock it.

The Rugged Look

This is all about street style! Aren't you already getting the vibes? Even if this is not something you are quite used to or a look that you think you might be able to sport, you should totally give it a go. A torn jeans and ripped t-shirt is all you need. You say they might be too expensive, which they usually are… hold on but that's no excuse for you to not experiment with this look because you can totally DIY it. The best part is you can customize it to your own liking. Bring on a pair of scissors, an old tee and an old pair of denim and that's enough! Now that you have your torn jeans, ripped tee, throw them on and style this look with a one shoulder backpack and super comfy sneakers. This is a look you can wear to many different places and get heads turning. 

The classic look

This is a simple, classic look not much to think of here, we are all pros at it! Just a casual t-shirt, graphic, plain whatever you wish to. This is best paired with jeans and sneakers. A simple look like this for sure needs a good perfume to elevate the whole look and set your mood right, light and happy for the rest of the day.  

Summer Casuals 

This again, get to your wardrobe and pull out those pairs of shorts you have been ignoring for quite long now. This, you can pair it with either a lovely tee or a casual comfy shirt. You can totally experiment with colors and prints/ patterns here. You could throw in a travel sized perfume in your pocket for that extra spray of refreshment in the scorching summer heat. If you are opting for a light colored shorts, pick a white hat and sandals if you are opting for a darker pair of shorts then go for brown, tan or black hat.