10 Steps To Efficacious Online Shopping

Do you often tend to shop online without a goal and forget the pieces once they are in your wardrobe? Or do you feel like though you have shopped enough you got nothing when you have to step out. That feeling of,Gosh!! i shop well enough but got nothing to wear is super annoying right? We totally get it! That is why we have this ten step online shopping guide that will help you shop effectively at all times. 

This guide is so handy that your shopping time will be cut down much more than you usually might take and another interesting fact is that it also helps you cut down on spending unnecessarily for things that you might not actually want and buy what exactly you need. This way you end up shopping effectively. 

  1. What are you looking for?

One big tip here! You could make a habit of noting down the things that you need whenever you remember it so when it comes to a point where you wish to shop you will have a shopping list handy, alternatively you could make a list whenever necessary so that way you will know what exactly to buy. 

2. Is it for your core wardrobe or the occasional pieces?

When we say core wardrobe, we mean the casual clothes that you wear on a regular basis or the ones that you wear for work or a quick trip to the grocery store. These are your graphic tees or plain or simple shirts and pants. Chinos and jeans fall into this category as well. The occasional wear can be categorized as party/ special event wear. Like, party wear shirts for men, suit sets or kurta-pajamas. 

3.What is the quality you are looking for?

End of the day it is all in the quality, you could buy two shirts  looking exactly the same but for two different prices and this is purely based on the quality of it so you could keep this in mind as your budget your shopping list.


There are seasons that you could look for a sale, it could be festive, end of season or clearance sale, what matters is when they would go on a sale. You could look at their website or social handles to not miss out on sale time and buy your products for less. 

Know your budget

Now think of how much you would want to spend for each piece of clothing? For example, if you have to buy yourself a party wear pant, you could look at the pant to be from a mid range which you could double up as  formal wear or semi-formal wear and your shirt has to be a piece that you should invest in a bit more as they are special occasions wear formals for men


What is your fit?

One important factor that changes the whole look of an outfit is its fit, is it well fitted that you want or is it a comfortable loose fit that you want. Keep your height in mind as you purchase an item, sometimes you might have to go in for something that is bigger than your usual size just so it fits your perfectly length wise. This has to be a more mindful factor while you shop for jeans for men

Compare price to quality

As we have mentioned earlier, you could totally go for a piece that looks similar to the pricey one but will it last as long as you want it to? Or is it something that would be good enough to invest a little bit more and pick something of better quality?


Return policies

Often brands don't tend to have return policies that are favorable for you, there might be many restrictions while you would want to return and you should take a detailed look at it before making a purchase


Online reviews

What are your fellow shoppers having to say about these products? Do you not tend to rely on the ratings and reviews of these products? Then we do suggest you take this into consideration because customer experience is what decides the brand quality. 


Discount codes and Loyalty programs 

Influencers these days are always collaborating with brands and they often tend to have discount and coupon codes for their followers. Or you could simply enroll on to the brands loyalty program for beneficiary rewards and other advantages they offer. 

Try these the next time you quickly want to buy yourself a list of clothing items and let us know if you implemented this guide.